This Dog Discovered The Moon For The First Time!

This Dog Discovered The Moon For The First Time!

Marquette is a golden retriever who loves to play fetch more than anything in the world. Her eyes spark up every time she sees a ball.

Gretchen Bach was going for an evening walk with her dog Marquette like they had done many times before. This evening was not like any other. When Marquette saw the brightly glowing ball up in the sky, she went totally spellbound.

At first, her mom thought Marquette saw some bird but soon realized that she was gazing at the moon. Immediately, she started running around wagging her tail waiting for this huge ball for the sky to come to her, getting ready to play fetch.

She probably chased the moon for half a minute. But to Marquette’s disappointment, the moon could not be caught. She has to settle only for regular tennis balls for now.

This evening, with a curious and eager gaze towards the skies, Marquette became an honorary member of the greatest minds of our history, contemplating and reaching for worlds beyond our earth.

To Bach, it was a shocking experience to realize her little pup has discovered the moon. She says she is very proud of her.

Image Credit: Instagram/Marquettethegolden

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