This Dog Feeds Her Quadriplegic Bestie Every day!

This Dog Feeds Her Quadriplegic Bestie Every day!

Usually, it’s the human who feeds the dog, but in this rare case in Israel, it is actually the dog who does the feeding!

Bracha Fischel has decided her life to painting, despite developing quadriplegia. Her hands no longer work as they once did, but her passion for art has never wavered.

By her side is her service dog, Donna, who doubles as an assistant. They came into each other’s lives roughly a year ago and became the best of friends. Donna is a big part of the reason Bracha is able to keep up with her art. She is always willing to help with daily tasks such as picking up objects, opening doors, and bringing all the paint materials to Bracha.

This is how Donna’s day usually goes when she’s helping her best friend, Bracha: Donna even helps Bracha during mealtime. They have designed a special spoon that allows Donna to feed her by holding one end in her mouth. She is the first dog in the world to master this technique, and she loves her job!

Watching Donna and Bracha work together is truly a sight. It doesn’t feel like work at all. It just looks like two best friends working towards a common goal.

Bracha no longer considers her art her own. Now, it is a team effort and they are equally responsible for the completed painting. Just as Donna can’t paint without Bracha, Bracha can’t paint without Donna. It’s like they were made for each other!

Images Source: Bracha Fischel

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