This Dog Has A Unique Face That Sadly Prevents People From Adopting Her

This Dog Has A Unique Face That Sadly Prevents People From Adopting Her

In Massachusetts, there is an animal shelter called A Place for Ace, with its founder Meagan Hanley taking in all breeds, ages, and genders of dogs.

For Kleo, this place has been a saving grace. Kleo was on a euthanasia list in a shelter out of San Antonio, Texas, when Meagan found her. She had been adopted once, but then sent back, and was hoping to find her forever home. Being at the shelter she was at, Meagan knew this wouldn’t happen. Kleo is a small puppy who was born with a bit of a crooked face and an underbite. She looks different from most dogs but is still as loving and happy as others.

From the start, Meagan knew that there was something special about Kleo, and went to Texas to pick her up. She brought her back to Massachusetts and is now fostering her. She says that Kleo is adjusting well to life in her home, and loves her brothers and sisters.

Meagan says her wonky face doesn’t bother her at all, and actually adds to her charm. Every morning Kleo and Meagan get up and play. When she opens the crate door, Kleo zooms around and is full of life, which always puts a smile on her face. Meagan has adopted and fostered plenty of pets in the past, but she says Kleo is one of a kind.

When she barks or snorts, her underbite becomes more distinct, which makes her laugh. She really isn’t different from other dogs, and Meagan counts her blessings every day that she found her just in time. If you’re interested in adopting Kleo, please contact A Place for Ace for more information.

Images Source: Brianne Miers

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