This Dog Has The Perfect Way To Get Her Sister’s Attention: It Always Works!

This Dog Has The Perfect Way To Get Her Sister’s Attention: It Always Works!

When COVID19 hit early this year it meant that schools had to stall for a while. This was not the best news for Abby Mootz who is a full-time college student but there is one person that was secretly rejoicing. Maggie, their family dog.

She loves playing with her sister and now they could hang out at the house all day long. Except it didn’t work out quite as she imagined. Soon Abby began taking online classes and so she couldn’t be with Maggie as much as she wanted.

“She loves to cuddle and does not appreciate me being on my computer so much since COVID happened,” Abby says. “She gets very needy when I’m on my phone or computer and will even knock my phone out of my hands with her paws.”

But there is one thing Abby cannot resist and Maggie knows it too well. It’s her secret weapon to draw Abby’s attention when other methods fail. Sticking out her cute tongue.

“Ever since she was a puppy, she’s walked around with her tongue hanging out of her mouth. It’s very hard to take her seriously when she looks like she’s sticking her tongue out at you.” Abby says.

Maggie has, on more than one occasion, interrupted Abby from her online class or from doing an assignment by resting her head on the computer’s keyboard and sticking out her tongue.

One time she did this and her tongue began typing on Abby’s assignment. Another time she put her paw on the laptop and accidentally closed Abby’s assignment. Fortunately, Abby was able to undo all of them.

She has tried to get mad at Maggie but, every time the dog puts out her tongue then Abby’s resolve is weakened and she just finds herself petting Maggie.

Images & Feature Image Source: Instagram / maggie_greatpyrenees

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