This Dog Is So Chill She Falls Asleep Every Time She Goes Swimming!

Perhaps the most important element necessary for the survival of human species is water. We can starve for a few days but take away our water and we will not last long. For our canine companions, water is as essential as it is for us. In short, water is life!

Besides being critically important for our survival, water has many other uses, it is crucial to maintain hygiene for both us and our four-legged friends, but there is also a fun side. Many humans and animals are attracted to water for a specific reason – to swim! In the dead heat of summer, there is nothing as refreshing as a good swim, be it in the sea, a swimming pool, lake, or dam.

Many dog breeds love swimming, for example, Labradors and Golden Retrievers, and often have to be persuaded to leave the water when it’s time to go. A certain dog named Myla knows all about the value of water. Now six years old, she has been a keen swimmer since puppyhood and absolutely loves a swim. Myla associates water with relaxation and can often be seen dozing off at the poolside or lake after a dip.

Her pet parent says she doesn’t necessarily stay in the water for long, preferring to have a quick dip to cool off and then relaxing. Well, I suppose it is safe to say that dogs are not so different from humans after all, as many of us love to do just that!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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