This Dog Just Turned 20 And Becomes The Oldest Living Golden Retriever In History!

This Dog Just Turned 20 And Becomes The Oldest Living Golden Retriever In History!

Most of us see our dogs live a very happy life. Then comes the day that we see their lives come to an end and we are left heartbroken. But a few prosperous years for our dogs makes it worth every moment we spend with them.

We often find ourselves wishing we could have just one more year or two when we see them entering their years of seniority. This wish has become a reality for the parent couple of adopted dog, Augie.

This furry-faced Tennessee resident has been going strong for twenty years! Born in the year 2000, Augie was bounced between two foster homes before finally finding her new home at the age of fourteen. Jennifer and Steve are Augie’s parents and have found this golden retriever to be a bundle of adventure.

Augie loves to travel everywhere with them and thoroughly enjoys playing fetch. Having surpassed her expected life-expectancy by almost double, Augie had a fantastic birthday party with a dog-friendly carrot cake to devour.

Although twenty years old, Augie’s mom, Jennifer, says that she is still very healthy. Augie is a bit shaky and slower when she gets up, which can be expected when you live twice your life expectancy! Other than that, Augie still plays and enjoys her life to the fullest.

What Augie has shown us is just because our dogs are entering their senior years, it certainly does not mean they are any less capable. They might even surprise us by steaming ahead past their expected life span!

Images & Feature Image Source: GoldHeart Golden Retrievers Rescue

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