This Dog Listens Closely For Her Baby Brother’s Arrival

This Dog Listens Closely For Her Baby Brother’s Arrival

Nothing brings a family together quite like the birth of a newborn baby. It’s an exciting time and everyone wants to be involved in some way another, even Avon, Shea Haugen’s dog.

Usually, Avon is excitable and a ball of energy, but she has since toned it down and is listening closely for her baby brother’s arrival. Since she realized her mom is pregnant at about 14 or 14 weeks, she stopped jumping around so much and being playful, to being cautious and protective.

Avon never leaves her mom’s side and guards her and her baby brother all day. The more her mom’s belly grows is the more support she shows to her mother. She does everything she can for the arrival of her sibling.

It might seem strange to some people, but Avon has even started laying her ear on her mother’s stomach to listen to her baby brother. This way, she can hear what he sounds like before she meets him. She can even tell when he’s kicking and gets very excited but doesn’t jump around like she normally does. Instead, she wags her tail and her brother seemingly responds by kicking again!

Who knew a dog like Avon could be so calm? This is how the family knows she is going to be a great big sister and that they can trust her around the baby. Avon is anxiously awaiting the day her baby brother arrives, till then she will keep listening and being a good girl!

Image Credit: Shea Haugen

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