This Dog Was Broken And Forgotten, But Now He Has Reason To Smile

We often find ourselves wondering if our precious dogs can sense situations more than we really know. Their responses and reactions oftentimes seem too coincidental to not mean more.

Shelter dog Sanford is an intuitive rescue from Dallas DogRRR who has come to show intuition and understanding in many situations, through any situation. Sanford has overcome multiple near-death experiences before coming to the Dallas Dog RRR shelter. He had been hit by a car and had been shot too.

Absolutely horrific to imagine! When animal rescuers got him, they saw his spirit truly was broken. He lay about and had no motivation for life. He was injured and ready to be put down, but the shelter promised they would do as much as they could for him before it got to that point. One day, Karen Velazquez went to the shelter to find a canine companion and him resting in the corner at the shelter.

She saw the hurt in his eyes and knew he needed to come home with her. Once she had adopted him it was as if he just knew. His eyes lit up and he had a broad smile across his face that would not go away!

Sanford now lives happily with Karen and has a new lust for life! It is truly remarkable to see what can happen when an abandoned dog finds hope.

There is no reason to ever give up hope, and Sanford’s story is an example that it is never too late to lend a helping hand!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

Images Source: DallasDogRRR

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