This Dog Was Pregnant When She Was Shot 17 Times, Now She's A Registered Therapy Dog

People overcome the most intense situations, surviving conditions deemed impossible to survive. From car accidents to accidents at home, humans often make it through the toughest scenarios imaginable.

This, however, is not only true for humans but can be seen in our dogs too. At times more relentless in their fight for life, our four-legged friends make it through the impossible too. The story of Maggie is nothing short of a miracle. Maggie was tied up and beaten by her first owners. Yes. I said “owners”. I almost never use that term to define people with dogs. I usually call them dog lovers or dog parents, but no dog lover or dog parent would EVER be this cruel. This is why I used that term – in my vocabulary, it’s the meanest way to refer to a person with dogs.

Tied to a box and tortured, Maggie was the victim to the cruelest kind of humans out there. On one occasion she was actually shot approximately seventeen times with a shotgun, causing her to lose her one ear and the vision in both eyes.

Thankfully, somebody found her and reported her situation to the relevant authorities. After being rescued, a lady in London heard about Maggie and came to the rescue. Kasey Carlin is now the proud parent of Maggie and the two of them have gone viral on social media.

They are so famous that Kasey left her job to manage Maggie’s Instagram page on a full-time basis! Kasey took Maggie for the necessary treatment she needed and saw potential in her to be an inspiration and help to others. Maggie is now a certified therapy dog and helps others work through traumas, being a true example of overcoming the worst situations herself.

The story of Maggie is both remarkable and a miracle, there is nothing that cannot be conquered in life, despite the situation faced at hand.

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