This Dog's Favorite Cuddling Position Is The Best Thing You'll See Today!

This Dog's Favorite Cuddling Position Is The Best Thing You'll See Today!

Most dogs are obsessed with cuddles. They will take any chance they have to be near their parents and people in general, hoping for a scratch between the ears. But Graffiti is especially obsessed with cuddles. And he doesn’t do cuddles as any other dog would.

When he decides that he likes someone, he will limb on them and wrap his body around their face. As you can imagine, whoever gets this treatment will inevitably have a hard time breathing. Graffiti’s family calls this process the “suffo-snuggle”.

The poor guy doesn’t realize that he’s potentially stopping people from being able to breathe. He just enjoys being close to the people he likes. But it can definitely be a little dangerous, so his family is making an effort to teach him to cuddle without suffocating people. Helping Graffiti unlearn this habit will be an effort, as he has been doing it since he was a small puppy.

But, as he got older and heavier, and the cuddle sessions got longer, this cuddle position just isn’t working out anymore. Right now, all members of the family get at least one session of suffo-snuggling a day. And his dad definitely takes the brunt of it, as the dog will always ask him for cuddles in the mornings and before going to bed.

And, if he feels like he hasn’t gotten enough attention throughout the day, he will come up to people and make a specific noise, signaling that it’s time for his cuddle session. These suffo-snuggles are definitely a unique way to display affection, but, as long as Graffiti is happy and no one gets hurt, that’s all that matters.

Image Credit: Instagram

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