This Dog’s Favorite Sound is the Music of an Approaching Ice Cream Truck

This Dog’s Favorite Sound is the Music of an Approaching Ice Cream Truck

Dogs love a lot of things. Going for a walk, playing fetch, swimming in the lake, and a good petting. But, for Luna, none of these beat the musical sound of an ice cream approaching.

No, she is not a music enthusiast. It’s not about what music is playing it’s about what the music signifies. To help you understand, let’ start from the beginning. On this particular day, Luna was chilling on the street in front of their house when the Ice Cream man surprised her with a cookie. Well, it seems she had never tasted anything so sweet.

The crunchy sweetness of the cookie exploded in her mouth sending shock waves to her brain that activated a part that she never knew existed. This gave rise to an unquenchable desire for cookies and now all she can think about is when the ice cream man will arrive.

“The ice cream man, a great animal lover, gave her a cookie. The second time, when she heard the song from the ice cream cart she had already walked to the front door having made the association,” says Niko Tanghe, Luna’s dad.

Now anytime Luna hears the music on the ice cream truck she gets visibly excited, pacing around and making expectant whines. The ice cream man never disappoints. He always has a treat to give to Luna. “She can hear the ice cream truck before we do,” Tanghe said. “It is also purely the music that triggers her.’

Feature Image Source: Niko Tanghe

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