This Dog's Final Act of Love for Best Friend is Making People Cry

This Dog's Final Act of Love for Best Friend is Making People Cry

One of the hardest things for dog parents to handle is one of their sweet babies passing away. Unfortunately, it is an inevitable part of life. And, even though dogs pass away before anyone would want them to, they still are an important part of your life.

So, even though Gaspar passed away from an illness, his dad, Marcelo Rodríguez, says he will always remember all the good times they had together. And he wasn’t the only one who would commemorate him.

Gaspar had spent almost his whole life hanging out with Kaya. She wasn’t Marcelo’s dog. Kaya’s mom was actually Marcelo’s mom. But the two dogs were still inseparable. They would spend all of their weekends together.

Unfortunately, everyone knew that the two friends couldn’t spend their whole life together. And it just so happened that Gaspar was the one who would be the first to pass. Gaspar passed away after battling kidney failure. His life was full of joy and love. But his passing would still devastate the ones he left behind.

So, kaya was allowed to say goodbye to her best friend before his body was laid to rest. So, Marcelo led her to the place where Gaspar’s grave was, and Jaya went straight to it, sat on the fresh dirt, and didn’t move the whole morning.

This was her way of showing how much he cares about him, and that their connection still lived on. Even though Gaspar was gone, Kaya showed that she will always remember him.

Image Credit: Marcelo Rodríguez

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