This Dog's Revenge On His Cone Was An EPIC FAIL!

This Dog's Revenge On His Cone Was An EPIC FAIL!

This all started when Yuki got an ear infection. To prevent him from scratching his ear while it healed, he had to wear a cone. Like most dogs, Yuki hated his cone and tried his best to get out of it.

No matter how many times he took it off, his family would put it right back on. This went on and on until his ear infection cleared up. Yuki never forgot what that cursed cone put him through and vowed to take his revenge. He saw an opportunity one day. The cone was just sitting there, unattended.

It was the perfect time to strike, or so he thought.

He charged at it in hopes of ripping it to shreds, but his attack was very short-lived. The cone had a strong defense. At this very moment, his dad, Mohammad Ali, was busy in the kitchen when he suddenly noticed Yuki was not present. Parents know that silence is never a good sin so he started looking for him. He finally found Yuki in the garden and he had a guilty look on his face.

The cone had gotten the better of him, and he was ashamed. How could this have happened? Yuki’s dad quickly realized what had happened, and freed him from the strong grip of the cone. Sure enough, Yuki managed to get stuck again! It was as if he was being taunted by the cone, and he never learned his lesson.

His dad doesn’t expect him to give up that easily, and perhaps one day he can defeat the cone. Go, Yuki!

Images source: Mohammad Ali

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