This English Bulldog Is Being Weird Again!

This English Bulldog Is Being Weird Again!

Bulldogs are not really known for being extremely active dogs, but this bulldog was caught doing some kind of acrobatic move on his own!

Enzo the bulldog had his two back legs stuck on the couch, and his two front legs on the floor! We couldn’t really understand what was going on, because mom was there to interrupt him but from what we hear, this sort of thing is pretty normal for bulldogs. They’re always getting themselves into silly positions!

Regardless, I’m sure he was planning a special performance on his own!

Bulldogs have the ideal dog personality, and are classic examples of dogs that might be considered good for city living! They’re easy to get along with, low-maintenance (so long as you remember to clean those wrinkles regularly), and their coat is not difficult to maintain. Being friendly dogs, this breed usually sound meaner than they really are! They are just big love bugs.

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Watch the video below to see the acrobatic bulldog!

Feature Image Source: Enzo English Bulldog

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