This Furniture Shop Is Making Sure Stray Dogs Have A Soft Place To Sleep!

This Furniture Shop Is Making Sure Stray Dogs Have A Soft Place To Sleep!

For around six years, a doctor named Cem Baykal walked past the same furniture store every day on his way to and from work. When he would walk by, he would notice the same pair of stray dogs hanging around near the front of the store.

He saw that these puppies were always together, and always lurking around. Dr. Baykal claimed that the store owner is also a dog lover, and would provide these two friends with a nice place to sleep at night. This store, which offers furniture, bedding, and home decor is located in a nice part of the neighborhood, and very popular among the locals.

The store owner continuously places out an old mattress at the front of the store for the dogs to sleep in. When the weather gets less desirable, the owner will also provide these dogs with blankets and other ways to keep warm, or will even put a fan and umbrella in front of their bed during the heat of summer.

With the love of this shop owner, these friendly stray dogs no longer have to sleep uncomfortably in front of the store. To make things even better, many customers will give the dogs water and even food, making sure they are always fed. One day, Dr. Baykal decided to snap a picture of this cute scene and post it onto Twitter, which generated some attention.

Since then, many people go and visit these adorable little store mascots and give treats, food, toys, and water. Dr. Baykal still walks past this store and makes sure to give the dogs some love.

Images Source: Dr. Cem Baykal / Twitter

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