This Girl Was Terrified Of Visiting The Doctor Until She Could Bring Her Dog

This Girl Was Terrified Of Visiting The Doctor Until She Could Bring Her Dog

Mary is a little girl with autism. Because of her condition, she can have trouble adapting, some tasks can be challenging for her. But, just a few months ago, a new friend joined her family.

Mary’s parents adopted Mr. Weenie, and he quickly bonded with Mary. They are best friends, and he always calms her when things get tough.

If Mary is scared to do something new, or she gets anxious, Mr. Weenie will press his nose to her cheek to show his support. This allows Mary to focus on him instead of on the fear, thus lowering her anxiety. One of the biggest struggles for Mary throughout the years has been going to the doctor. Whenever she got there, she would scream and run into the office.

It was nearly impossible to convince her to get inside, and, of course, her family didn’t want to push her. After many years of patience, she accepted going inside, but she would always be anxious and quiet. Her parents hated seeing her like this, so they asked the doctor if Mr. Weenie could join her on her appointments.

Her doctor agreed, so he came along on her next visit. Knowing she had her trusted friend by her side, Mary finally relaxed. She smiled and talked to the staff, and it was obvious that all her anxiety had gone away. Mr. Weenie was the proof she needed that she would be safe in that environment.

The little dog proved to be more important to the family than they would have ever imagined. Not only is he a great companion, but he’s also Mary’s crutch when times are hard.

Image Credit: Fernweh Cooley

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