This Good Dog Has No Idea Who Spread The Bag Of Flour Everywhere!

This Good Dog Has No Idea Who Spread The Bag Of Flour Everywhere!

For some dogs, such as the adorable bulldog Candy, food always comes first. Candy is known as a shy dog who takes some time to warm up to people, but if you have food, she will be your new best friend.

Candy’s mom, Michelle Anderson, says that everyone always thinks she likes them and has warmed up to them, but once they no longer have food, it’s back to square one. She will do anything it takes her paws on food, even if it means causing a bit of trouble.

One day, as Michelle was getting home, she saw Candy and her brother Spike waiting in the window, and they looked a bit odd. As Michelle got closer, she saw that something white was all over Candy’s face. She walked into the house to examine the scene and found Candy covered in white powder, looking just as surprised as she was. Michelle walked into the kitchen and found a whole bag of flour laying on the floor, opened. There were footprints all around the house, leading from the kitchen, down and around the hall, and all the way back to the kitchen.

Michelle knew that Candy was to blame because her face said it all. Covered in flour, Candy laid in her bed and watched as Michelle tried to uncover how this all played out. In the end, Michelle wasn’t mad about what happened, just couldn’t stop laughing while seeing Candy’s flour-covered face.

She joked that it was punishment enough, cleaned up the mess, and gave Candy and Spike some treats.

Image Credit: Michelle Anderson

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