This Kind Man's Gesture Towards A Thirsty Pup Is Winning Hearts Worldwide

This Kind Man's Gesture Towards A Thirsty Pup Is Winning Hearts Worldwide

Although tiny acts of kindness can seem small and almost insignificant, they can make a huge difference in someone’s life or day – and that’s something big to celebrate!

Even small compassionate actions can help someone in need. On top of that, these little bits of kindness can put a smile on the faces of countless other people, and even inspire them to do good deeds, too. And if you can’t change the whole world, you can certainly change one person’s world, even for only a moment!

Pamela Altamirano Sanchez decided to post a video on Facebook on Sunday of something that happened in a country that most believe might be Ecuador. He had been walking along when he decided to record footage of this touching moment.

The video shows an elderly man who noticed that there was a thirsty street pup in need of some water. The main water source in the area was a spigot much too high for the poor pup to reach. Instead of allowing the dog to go without water, the man used the spigot to pour some water into his hands, held in a cup-like shape.

He then held his hands out to the pup, who eagerly lapped up the cooling, refreshing water! The dog had clearly been dying for a fresh drink for quite a while now, and this good-hearted man was able to provide him with what he needed.

There’s not much detail in Sanchez’s post, or in the video itself. He simply captioned it saying that this is what love is. Still, even this small and seemingly minor act of generosity carries such a beautiful message!

Feature Image Source: Facebook/Pamela Altamirano Sanchez

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