This Lab Is So Smart That He Can Make His Own Treat!

This Lab Is So Smart That He Can Make His Own Treat!

Fetch isn’t really anything new when it comes to dogs but a dog who can fetch all the ingredients to make his own treat and wait patiently as mom puts it together is something special!

This sweet lab has a thing for peanut butter so when his mom tells him to get his kong, peanut butter, and a knife, he knows exactly what to do and he’s not wasting any time! You can tell he’s done this before too!

First she asks him to get his kong from the basket and he trots over and brings it back to her. Then she asks for the peanut butter and knife. He trots into the kitchen, opens up the cabinet, and pulls out the peanut butter. After bringing that back to mom, he goes back for his plastic knife so mom can put the peanut butter into the kong.

Sometimes things are more enjoyable when you know that all the hard work that was put into it was done by you! It just makes the treat taste that much better. This lab knows exactly what I mean.

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Watch the video below to see the yellow lab preparing his favorite treat!

Feature Image Source: Kyoot Animals

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