This Labrador Retriever’s Wake-Up Routine Is Hilarious!

This Labrador Retriever’s Wake-Up Routine Is Hilarious!

When this guy tries to sleep in, his Labrador is there to wake him up! This funny video highlights one Lab’s morning routine filled with jumps on the bed, loud alarm-clock squeaky toys and even lots of pets.

There’s no sleeping in when this Lab is on the job of waking up the house. At least this dad will never sleep past his alarm with such an excitable dog!

Lots of dog parents can relate. All you want is a little more sleep, but when your dog is a morning person, that is just out of the question. There is no ignoring or saying no to a wake up call like this! It’s coming whether you’re ready for it or not!

Labs just might be the experts at this type of wake up call. In fact, they are known for being playful, energetic, and intelligent. This lab definitely knows what he’s doing!

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