This Nativity Scene Recreation Is Going To Melt Your Heart!

This Nativity Scene Recreation Is Going To Melt Your Heart!

Christmas may be over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little stroll down memory lane – especially when something this cute is involved!

Springvale Canine Creche, located in Rotherham, England, is a day care center for pups. Every day, it’s filled with adorable canine companions – just enough of them to stage an adorable Nativity scene for the holidays!

The facility’s owner, Donna Whincup, said that all the pups in their care love doing work and tricks in exchange for treats. So when they decided to set up a Nativity scene to show off their festive spirit!

It was quite a group effort to get every single pup to participate, but the end result is absolutely adorable and definitely worth it! If you look closely at each pup, you can see what role they play!

First, there’s Frank, wearing an adorable pair of large ears in order to be the donkey in this Christmas scene. There’s also an angel looking on in the background in the form of the super cute Talula!

We can’t, of course, overlook the family of the hour: there’s Reuben serving as Joseph, River dressed as Mary, and Pepper being the extremely cute and fitting young newborn Jesus! The scene also has two wise men: Sammy the whippet, and Jackson, who certainly looks very wise. And naturally, since this all took place in a barn, we have Olly as a watching sheep. Talk about attention to detail!

These pups all were rewarded with delicious, yummy snacks for posing so wonderfully for the cameras. This doggy daycare trains, cares for, and loves these precious pups, and it really shows!

Images & Feature Image Source: Springvale Canine Creche

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