Abandoned and Injured Pregnant Dachshund Overcomes The Odds!

Abandoned and Injured Pregnant Dachshund Overcomes The Odds!

This inspiring story of a dachshund pup who fought against all odds may just bring you to tears. Maria the pup had been neglected for most of her life.

She was abandoned after it was discovered that her C-section in order for her to deliver a litter of puppies would cost $3,000. Luckily, she was picked up by Friends of Emma, a Texas rescue group, and they took her in. It was discovered that Maria has been paralyzed for a few months from her ribs down, and had been forcibly bred during this time. She was also severely anemic due to a flea infestation and suffered from many infections. It wasn’t looking good for this poor pup, who was frightened and emotionally damaged from the abuse she suffered.

But then, a miracle happened! Maria gave birth to a litter of seven healthy, happy puppies! Isn’t that amazing? But the most incredible part of this story is that after five months of treatment, Maria became braver and learned to love again – and she learned to walk! This strong pup is really capable of anything! Please do like and share this amazing story!

Feature Image Source: Emma Cleft Palate Chihuahua

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