This Pup Was Severely Neglected That It Took 12 Months For Her Fur To Grow Back

This Pup Was Severely Neglected That It Took 12 Months For Her Fur To Grow Back

When these two dogs began to hang around a random person’s home in Sheffield last year in September, the person in question was very concerned.

One was a German shepherd, and the other a Staffordshire bull terrier, and they were suffering severe fur loss – especially the German shepherd, Sheena, who was nearly totally bald.

The person contacted the RSPCA and Sara Jordan, one of the inspectors with the organization, headed out to respond to the call. She was shocked at the sight of the two dogs. Sheena had almost no fur at all, and her friend Belinda looked in bad shape too. The two dogs were taken to the vet quickly and were both found to be severely underweight and suffering from terrible flea infestations.

The group was able to locate the man that these two pups have previously belonged to. The man, named Jason Pearce, was arrested for his severe neglect of the dogs. He received charges for two offenses under the Animal Welfare Act. Pearce will not be permitted to have pets for the next decade.

Sheena’s condition was especially terrible, and it took her months and months to put on weight and slowly regrow a beautiful mane of fur. Meanwhile, Belinda recovered faster and was soon reserved by a family that would give her a forever home. Sheena, on the other hand, still awaits a family.

Staff at the Sheffield Animal Center of the RSPCA love Sheena, saying she is very sweet, loves treats, and always enjoys playing outdoors. They recommend that she is placed in an active home without any children or other dogs.

If you would like to give this pup the forever home she deserves, contact the RSPCA here.

Images & Feature Image Source: RSPCA

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