This Pup's Expression When He Realizes He's Going Home? Gold!

This Pup's Expression When He Realizes He's Going Home? Gold!

Adoption is a beautiful process that bonds humans and dogs for life. Adopted dogs are the most grateful friends you will ever have. It’s like they understand that you are saving their lives from the first time they meet you.

For this rescue, it was clear as soon as he saw his soon-to-be parents that he would end up getting a forever home. And, his adoption day was the happiest day of his life. He had never smiled as much before that day.

This rescue dog is a sweet Pitbull who had lived a very hard life before ending up in the shelter. And, because of his breed, he didn’t have too much luck getting adopted. People have many misconceptions about the breed, they think Pitties are dangerous, so the adoption process for them is always difficult.

But this sweet boy finally met the perfect family for him, who didn’t hold any misconceptions, and who will love him for who he is. And there was no hiding his joy on the day when he was finally able to leave the shelter and go to his forever home. Someone took a video of his reaction and posted it on Reddit, in the video, you can see him smiling and wagging his tail non-stop. He is very excited, jumping around, clearly anxious to be taken home.

The video is adorable, and it shows exactly why adoption is always a better alternative to buying dogs. These rescues have been through hell, and if they don’t get adopted, they’ll spend their whole life in shelters. If more people become interested in adoption, fewer dogs will have to be alone in shelters, without a family to love them.


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