This Silly German Shepherd HATES The Car!

This Silly German Shepherd HATES The Car!

It looks like this shepherd had too many trips to the vet, and not enough trips to the park! A lot of dogs are scared of the car and the idea of driving in it, especially if they aren’t introduced to it at an early age, but this shepherd is something else.

He used the “just lay down and don’t move” strategy, but his dad didn’t buy it! Sometimes you just have to go on a car ride, whether you want to or not so his dad takes action to get him into the car. After the shepherd managed to get into the car, his mood changed a bit. He understood that it wasn’t that bad after all!

The original uploader of the video says, “This is what we have to go through every time we have to go to the vet, or the park, anywhere!”

See the video of what the shepherd does on page 2!

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Watch the video below to see the silly shepherd!

Feature Image Source: NimbleTurtles

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