Bulldog Adopts Kitten And That's When The MAGIC Starts!

Bulldog Adopts Kitten And That's When The MAGIC Starts!

When Louie the English bulldog was first introduced to Mia the kitten – no one was really sure what would happen!

Luckily, Louie took an instant liking to Mia, and to everyone’s surprise, Mia didn’t run away from him like she usually did when it came to new animals or people! The two actually bonded and Louie seems very concerned with making sure that Mia is safe and comfortable!

In fact, Louie seems to taken it upon himself to be the little kitten’s protector. He can’t seem to get enough of her, pushing his nose into her and taking in big whiffs of her kitten smells. He absolutely adores her already!

We love it when we see bigger animals taking such good care of smaller ones! Animals really do understand how to love a baby – even if the baby isn’t one of their own!

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Watch the video below to see the kitten and her guarding angel!

Feature Image Source: Santino Cabrales

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