This Tennis Ball With A Special Meaning Is Just Too Heartwarming!

This Tennis Ball With A Special Meaning Is Just Too Heartwarming!

A bulldog named Noora was surrounded by a bunch of labs that were crazy about tennis balls.

Eventually, the obsession began to rub off on her. Says Katie Swartout, Noora’s mum:

‘’Noora has almost always had a tennis ball-obsessed Lab in the house with her, and while the concept of repetitively chasing a tennis ball makes no sense to her, she’s intrigued by the obsession with something she can’t eat.”

One day, Noora’s family decided to top up their supply of tennis balls, therefore they ordered a box of 350 balls. When the box arrived, Noora was ecstatic as she loved packages and always believed that every package that arrived was for her.

In her excitement, she poured the contents of the box onto the floor and the tennis balls spilled out.

Ignoring the tennis balls around her, she kept digging inside the box until she found the single remaining ball. She was so determined in her search that it appeared as if she knew she would find something exceptional in there.

From then on, she disregarded all the other tennis balls and played only with the ball she found. She became protective over it and would not allow the other dogs to come near it.

Later, she got with the ball and moved on to other toys. Strangely, however, the sight of the box still elicits joy and excitement.

Images & Feature Image Source: Katie Swartout

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