This Vet Has An Amazing Way Of Vaccinating Dogs Without Them Knowing It!

This Vet Has An Amazing Way Of Vaccinating Dogs Without Them Knowing It!

It’s no secret that vaccines are no one’s favorite thing to do while at the doctor’s. Those that care about their patients and find unique ways to give a shot without them knowing are pure gold.

Just as humans hate vaccines, dogs do as well. For some vets, this is something that goes unsaid, but for others, new ways to vaccinate dogs and cats are created. For one doctor, Andre Santos, he has perfected a way to give dogs shots without them feeling anything.

Dr. Santos runs a small vet in Portugal and has gained a large reputation around the world for his loving approach and practices to keep dogs and cats safe, happy, and healthy. Not only does he go above and beyond for treatments, but he also has come up with many different ways that dogs can get their shots without feeling anything.

When a dog comes into his clinic he never approaches them while carrying a needle. Before doing anything, he makes little games with them and then uses positive reinforcement to leave them unaware they are even at the vet.

In many videos that have been posted, the dogs Santos has at his clinic look happier than ever. Even after getting a dreaded shot. He plays with them, gives treats, and then will administer each shot.

Sure, his approach might be a bit unconventional, but his clients and the dogs all love him. By treating all of his clients with love and happiness, a visit to the vet doesn’t have to be that bad.

Images Credit: Instagram

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