Video: Three Cute Boxing Doxies!

Video: Three Cute Boxing Doxies!

What happens when two, wait three doxies, meet up and decide to have a doxie version of a boxing match? Pure madness, that’s what!

Meet Tiny, Twinkee and Gonzo. These three are all red mini dachshunds who apparently have a thing for wrestling and playing on their human’s bed.

The three cuties in the video are ‘boxing’ doxies and they just love to play fight whenever they have the chance – especially on their human’s bed and it’s all done at unbelievably high speed!

What started out as a battle between two doxies soon included a third party. You couldn’t even tell that the bed had been made and if it was, it probably wouldn’t have made a difference to these three anyway.

Watch the video below to see the boxing doxies!

Feature Image Source: raymeinert

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