Tiny Puppy Hides In The Biggest Mess She Made That The Family's Ever Seen!

Tiny Puppy Hides In The Biggest Mess She Made That The Family's Ever Seen!

Puppies always make messes, no matter how cute and well-behaved they might seem. And Jazmine is no different. One of her favourite things to do is steal shoes and just carry them around.

But her parents always thought that’s the worst of it. Her mom, Katie Robinson, says that she has never ripped anything, not even a toy. But then one day she had a little fight with a beanbag chair.

Katie was upstairs, folding some laundry, while Jazmine and her sister, Hazel, were sleeping downstairs. But Hazel had other plans besides sleeping. She wanted to find out what was inside the beanbag chair. And, when Jazmine saw what her sister was doing, she got curious. She started ripping into the chair until the two of them were surrounded by a pile of fluff.

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And after they were done, the pair fell asleep in the middle of the mess. And that’s exactly where Katie found them. Even though that was one of the biggest mess Katie had ever seen, she couldn’t even be upset. The mere image of the little devils falling asleep at the scene of the crime was enough to crack her up. And she was even more impressed by the fact that two little dogs were able to rip the chair which that much viciousness.

And, even when Jazmine realized they had gotten caught, she just stared at her with innocent eyes, like they didn’t even know they had done something wrong. Hazel wasn’t as clueless though, and she had guilty written all over her face. But, the dogs got away with it, and now it’s just something that Katie can have a laugh about.

Image Credit: Katie Robinson

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