Tips On Choosing The Right Toys For Your Fur Babies!

Tips On Choosing The Right Toys For Your Fur Babies!

Do you want to ensure that you pick out the right set of toys for your fur babies? You probably already know that picking the right toys will keep them healthy and happy too! So let your fur babies enjoy playtime to the fullest, everyday!

Before you start shopping for the right set of toys for your fur babies here’s some important information that you need to keep in mind:

  • Make sure that when your fur kid is playing, that you’re keeping a close eye on them. If you’re there you can keep them safe and they look forward to having you join them during their play time!
  • If your pup chews too much you need to be watchful so they don’t swallow something unintentionally.
  • If the toy your fur kid is playing with if breaking apart, dispose it immediately and remember no toy will last a lifetime.
  • If your dog has eaten a toy by mistake, contact your vet immediately to ensure they don’t develop reaction and it doesn’t become more serious.

The Size of the Toy Matters

  • The size of the toy you purchase will depend upon the size of your fur baby.
  • Remember that when you buy toys for your fur kids, that you always buy ones that are larger than their mouths. This way you’ll prevent them from swallowing anything unintentionally.
  • If the toy has a hole in one end, make sure it has one in the opposite end too. A hole on just one end could cause strong suction that could cause major health issues.
  • If you pup chews up their toys quickly, this clearly means that either the toys are weak or they’re not the right size – get bigger ones and look for extra tough, durable toys.

Your Pet’s Chewing Also Matters

  • If your fur baby is an aggressive chewer, look for bigger toys; ones that will not fully fit in their mouth and look for those that are extra strong.
  • Toys like the disk or other retriever toys should not be given to your fur kids on a regular basis; they should only be used to plat fetch as they’re not chew-friendly!
  • If you want to reduce your pup’s chewing strength try and make them exercise for at least 30 minutes before giving them a toy so that they have less energy to chew them!
Image Credit: Mammoth Pet

Image Credit: Mammoth Pet

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