Toddler Sneaks Out Of Bed In The Middle Of The Night To Cuddle With His Dog!

Toddler Sneaks Out Of Bed In The Middle Of The Night To Cuddle With His Dog!

The saying that a dog is man’s best friend is one that we are all too familiar with. For pet parents and dog lovers, we do not doubt for a second that this is not true. But a recent case in Richmond, Virginia, showed that a dog is man’s best friend at any age!

Pet parent and mother of four children, Paige, has a few night-time cameras set up in the rooms of her house. These cameras are to keep an eye out on her family and keep them at maximum safety. One camera is set up in 23-month-old boy, Finn’s, room. Paige says that Finn has recently started sleeping in his “big boy” bed, so she watches the footage to see how things are going.

Recently, Paige was going through the footage when she saw something that caught her by surprise! One of the four-legged family members, Brutus, was seen sleeping peacefully in his bed below Finn. At some stage during the night, Finn got out of his bed and curled up next to Brutus. The sweetest thing is that Brutus barely budges as Finn gets comfortable across him! According to Paige, Brutus and Finn have been inseparable since the start and they truly are best friends.

Paige took to social media, sharing many pictures of Brutus and Finn sleeping side by side from a young age already. Finn was born with a few heart defects that were immediately repaired when he was born. Because of this, he has a bit of recovery to do and Brutus sensed this. It is almost as if Brutus deemed himself as the protector of Finn. Man’s best friend indeed!

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