Top 5 Emergencies In Dogs That You Have To Be Aware Of - Part 2

Top 5 Emergencies In Dogs That You Have To Be Aware Of - Part 2

Medical emergencies can occur at any time, even for pups. That’s why it’s important that dog parents are well aware of the potential issues that could crop up and require immediate veterinary attention.

Here’s a list of five common ones!

1. Bloat

Medically known as gastric dilatation and volvulus, or GDV, this condition occurs when a pup’s stomach distends with food, fluid, or air, which can then cause the stomach to twist in on itself. This stops blood from flowing to the lower organs and is a highly fatal and dangerous condition. You can read more about bloat here, and find out how you can prevent it here.

2. Hemoabdomen

This term refers to a condition where blood collects in a pup’s abdominal cavity as a result of internal bleeding, which may in turn be caused by tumors, ruptures, trauma, or ingesting toxins. This causes circulatory shock, and some symptoms that might be noticed are pale gums, a rapid heart rate, or weakness. It is vital that a pup with this condition receives emergency veterinary care immediately.

3. Spinal disease or paralysis

If your pup starts becoming unsteady while walking, starts tiptoeing, or seems to lose coordination or movement in the hind legs, this could be a sign of a serious spinal disease, such as intervertebral disc disease or IVDD. If you notice signs that your pup may have this or a similar condition, seek a veterinary check-up immediately.

4. Seizures

There is a long list of possible causes for seizures, and some are not necessarily immediate emergencies. If your pup has one seizure and proceeds to recover, then just call your vet to schedule an appointment for the next day. But if your dog has many seizures or one that lasts for longer than five minutes, or doesn’t recover after one, then immediately seek emergency care. It can be a sign of epilepsy, poisoning, liver or kidney disease… the list goes on. Remember that pups do not know what they are doing during a seizure, so do not try to handle them; instead, keep away from their mouth and try not move them away from dangerous places.

5. Collapse

Perhaps the most obvious sign that something is wrong is if your pup collapses. This can be a sign of heart disease, heat stroke, low blood sugar, and many more. But whatever the cause, it’s important that this situation be given emergency medical attention immediately.

Think we missed a couple of emergencies? Check out our other list with another five to look out for here. While you’re at it, don’t forget to like and share!

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