TSA Detection Dog Is About To Retire, But Not Before A Massive Surprise!

TSA Detection Dog Is About To Retire, But Not Before A Massive Surprise!

After many years of slogging away in the working world, it is inevitable that the day will come when we must stand back and make way for the younger generation.

If we are lucky, we receive recognition for all our hard work and are then able to comfortably adapt to a new world of leisure, as well as develop other interests and pastimes. Office farewells usually include the presentation of a thoughtfully sought-out gift often accompanied by flowers for the retiree. Just as humans are able to be part of the working world, so too are dogs and some manage to hold down the most incredible jobs!

They too should be recognized for their achievements. One lovely instance of this is the story of a Labrador named TTirado. TTirado isn’t your average dog, he has been trained as an explosive detection dog. This job demands courage and self-discipline, not to mention loads of intelligence.

He excels at what he does and passes all tests with flying colors. His calm and loving nature has led him to form a strong bond with his handler, Keith Gray. Keith obtained him as a pup and together they have walked a long road- eight years to be precise. As TTirado’s retirement date loomed closer, Keith decided he had to make it as special as possible.

Knowing TTirado loved the tennis balls that he was always rewarded with after a successful find, he planned to surprise his special friend with something he would love. Keith sent him on a search as usual and then when TTirado sat down to signal he’d found something, arranged for 200 tennis balls to fall down on him. TTirado was ecstatic!

A more enjoyable send-off for a loyal employee would be hard to find. To crown it all, TTirado is now a retiree and is finally allowed to play with tennis balls to his heart’s content.

Feature Image Source: Keith Gray

Images Source: Keith Gray

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