Turkmenistan President Declares New Holiday To Celebrate Local Dog Breed

Turkmenistan President Declares New Holiday To Celebrate Local Dog Breed

In the country of Turkmenistan, President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov made the announcement a few days ago and decided to establish their very own holiday centered towards honoring the Central Asian Shepherd Dog, which is named the Alabai.

In order to praise this local breed, the last Sunday of April will now be officially marked a holiday to admire the Alabai. The Alabai is a breed that was typically used for sheep and goat herding, as well as protecting all types of farms. This breed was, and still is highly recognized under Russian patronage, and known today as one of the most popular dog breeds in central Asia.

Additionally, Alabais offer families, that have them, protection, love, and playful energy. Turkmenistan has always been a country that loved this breed of dog, and has enthusiastically praised the Alabai for countless years. To better understand this country’s love for the Alabai, President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov previously wrote a successful song about this breed and even presented the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, with a puppy back in 2017.

To show absolute dedication and admiration, Turkmenistan’s capital city got a 50 foot guided Alabai statue installed, which shows the most honor for this breed. During this holiday, all dog parents will be invited to join in on the festivities, which include a beauty contest and various agility competitions. Many central Asian countries pride themselves on various unique horse and dog breeds, which is why holidays such as this are deemed important.

By making this holiday, the people of Turkmenistan are honoring century-old traditions, all while enjoying these gorgeous animals!

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