Twenty Dachshund Pups Rescued From Arkansas Looking For Homes

Twenty Dachshund Pups Rescued From Arkansas Looking For Homes

These adorable dachshund pups were uncared and caged for a long time, but this has all come to a stop as they have all been rescued from Arkansas and are looking for their forever loving homes. More here.

Late January, the Nebraska Dachshund Rescue group received a call from Arkansas about twenty dachshund pups who needed immediate help. According to Julie Siebler with Nebraska Dachshund Rescue, “They were kept in boxes in a garage, kept in cages stacked on top of each other in the garage and I’m not sure if any of them were ever kept in the home.” When they reached the destination, they found 41 dogs packed in tight containers for breeding purposes. The poor pups were unhealthy, and completely neglected.

Julie Siebler said, “It’s very hard for me to imagine one of my dogs sleeping out in a box in a barn, it’s very emotional.” Yes it is true, isn’t it? The breeder decided to surrender the pups and while twenty one were taken by another rescue group, twenty made the trek to Omaha. “Well we knew it was going to be overwhelming to try to vet them all. We just had to plan properly that’s all,” said Dr. Susan Kyle.

Here’s More Information About Adopting These Fur Balls

Dr. Kyle said, “They don’t all have fleas, but I’d say a majority of them do.” While these pups are being treated, they will soon be ready for adoption so they can all go to their forever loving homes. Siebler said, “They can definitely love and be loved. I fell in love with all twenty of them, they’re definitely trainable and I think they’ll adapt okay. I don’t think we will have any problem getting these adopted at all.”

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