Two Dogs Rescued From Different Situations Become BFFs In Shelter

Two Dogs Rescued From Different Situations Become BFFs In Shelter

Just as people who are put together in a room will start to get along after a while, two dogs who are put into the same shelter can become best friends if given the opportunity.

And these two dogs, even if they were raised in completely different situations, immediately connected after being rescued. Hope For Paws was contacted one day about a dog named Chester who had been spotted living on the streets. The rescuers went to Southern California, and they met a very friendly pup.

The person who called the rescuers said that he would have loved to take him in, but his other dogs wouldn’t accept him. All he could do is make sure he gets to a shelter, and that’s exactly what happened. Rescuers put him in their car and started to head towards the vet when they got a call about another dog who needed to be rescued from the same neighborhood.

The small dog, Tony, had also been abandoned, but a woman had managed to lure him into her yard. As opposed to Chester, Tony was scared of people and tried to hide from the rescuers. After a few tries, they managed to get Tony in the car, and headed towards the hospital. When they got to the hospital, Tony was having a hard time adjusting to a new environment, but Chester was by his side, helping him through it.

Chester is much bigger than Tony, but he was still very gentle and loving, and after just a few days he helped Tony open up. They became the best of friends, and are now waiting for someone to adopt them and give them the homes they need.

Image Credit: Hope for Paws / YouTube

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