Two Dogs Sneak Into A Cupboard And Cover Themselves In Green Food Coloring!

Two Dogs Sneak Into A Cupboard And Cover Themselves In Green Food Coloring!

To many of us, our dogs are most definitely our four-legged children. We raise them, teach them right from wrong, and we always love them. But just like human children, our canine companions get up to all sorts of mischief when we are not around.

They chew what they are not supposed to, and often have us running around like headless chickens after them! Despite their crazy antics, we find our hearts melting when they flash us their beautiful brown eyes! Recently, a dog mom found herself in a similar situation when her two French Bulldogs got up to no good when she was not watching.

Yada Ornsomjit is the proud mom of Frenchies. One day, she and her husband went out, and upon their return they found themselves in a hilarious situation. Yada and her husband stumbled upon their two Frenchies, but this time they were absolutely green!

These four-legged cheeky mites had gotten into their pet parent’s food cupboard and pulled out some green food coloring. Yada realized that she had forgotten to close the kitchen door the night before, and so these two green beans managed to sneak into the kitchen.

Pictures of the crazy looking dogs went viral on social media, providing a good laugh for many! Yada said she and her husband washed these two mischievous mutts a few times, but the green still remains on some parts of their bodies.

The two Frenchies continued to act as if they had done nothing wrong as if the evidence was not, uhm…. bright enough!

Feature Image Source: Yada Ornsomjit

Images Source: Yada Ornsomjit

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