Two Sisters Can’t Stop Snuggling Despite Uncomfortable Position

Two Sisters Can’t Stop Snuggling Despite Uncomfortable Position

After recently losing two of her sisters, Frannie was eager to welcome her new baby sister, Trixie, who is six months younger than her.

When they met, Frannie initiated first contact and snuggled close to Trixie.

Since then, the two have become inseparable, napping being one of their favorite things to do together, with Trixie lying atop her older sister. The two dogs have been photographed by their parents, spooning while napping and cuddling all the time – on the couch, the footstool, and the chair.

Though these two are as close as sisters can be, they both have their own unique personalities.

Frannie is the worrier and the serious one who loves playing ball and jumping on everyone’s laps. She’s also very intelligent and energetic. Trixie, on the other hand, is described by her mom as the party girl who loves to have fun and chill out.

Even after three years have passed and Trixie has grown in size, the two dogs continue to stay as close as they can, with Trixie still seeing herself as the baby sister. While napping, the now grown and heavier Trixie continues to climb on top of Frannie during naptimes, much to the amusement of their parents.

Their mom shared that the two dogs provide much consolation to them especially in these difficult times.

“They make our home feel full,” mom Lewis shared, “Just snuggling with them on the couch is so relaxing.”

We couldn’t agree more!

Images & Feature Image Source: Jennifer Lewis

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