Understanding Separation Anxiety And How It Affects Our Pups

Understanding Separation Anxiety And How It Affects Our Pups

A pup’s parents are his favorite people in the whole world. He loves them unconditionally and wants to spend lots of time with them.

As such, it’s natural for a fur ball to be sad when Mommy and Daddy leave. But for some pups, being alone can be a traumatic experience, leading to difficult or bad behavior. This is known as separation anxiety. It’s believed that there may be genetic reasons for separation anxiety, so some pups are simply predisposed to this condition. This can also be a result of a fur ball being overly attached to their parents.

Pups are very social creatures, after all! They’re used to living in groups so being alone can be a real bummer. So what exactly does this anxiety entail? Fur balls who suffer from this condition display anxious or destructive behavior, such as barking or soiling the house, before you leave them in the house by themselves.

The behavior may not even be very obvious or severe, but can be visible in small things like whining, following their parents around, or pacing in distress when they notice that their Mommies or Daddies need to leave the house. Pup parents may also come home to find that their usually well-behaved and trained pup has had an accident, chewed on their possessions, or made a mess of the furniture.

Luckily, although it isn’t easy, there are ways to help your fur ball deal with being alone. Look out for our next article, when we’ll tackle this difficult subject. For now, I hope that you have a better understanding of separation anxiety! Do give this a thumbs up and share it around if it was useful for you!

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