Understanding Your Dogs’ Cognition And How To Keep Them Happy

Understanding Your Dogs’ Cognition And How To Keep Them Happy

Nowadays, more Americans have taken to work from home, enriched by the company of their furry animals, while pet adoptions have been found to shoot up due to this increased domicile time.

As dog parents, it’s important to understand our dog’s psychological process, so we know how to keep them content and happy. When you take your dog out for a walk, you’re apt to notice the scenery or sunny skies while your dog appears oblivious to them. Instead, his attention is directed to the ground. A dog’s olfactory sense accounts for much of how he appreciates and understands the world.

Compared to humans who have 12-40 million cells sending scent information to the brain, dogs possess 220 million to 2 billion of these cells with their nasal tissue 30 times bigger. This is why dogs can sniff out disease, explosives, or weapons. The first case of a dog detecting cancer was when she was sniffing out a mole on her parent’s leg. This led the latter to consult a dermatologist who diagnosed her as having skin cancer.

Research proves the only thing dogs need to be happy, more than treats, are their parents. When you pat them, talk to them, or return their look, both your brains release the oxytoxin or ‘cuddle hormone,’ making them attach to you as a baby does to her mom. To complete their happiness, take your pup out for a walk to sniff away!

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