UPS Driver Stops Woman To Tell Her Something She Didn't Know About Her Dog

UPS Driver Stops Woman To Tell Her Something She Didn't Know About Her Dog

If you take a good look at Chloe Bonnell’s house in Tallahassee, you will spot a cute black and white dog, Atlas, sitting in the window. He sits there all day, waiting for his mother to come back home.

Chloe welcomed Atlas into her home last March. One of her friends had sent her a post about some abandoned puppies, so she decided to get some more information about the situation.

She wasn’t sure she was ready for such a commitment. But, as soon as she met Atlas, she knew she had to adopt him. Chloe is a teacher, so she worked from home for a long while. She and Atlas were inseparable, but recently, she had to get back to in-person teaching.

She was worried that Atlas wouldn’t handle the separation well, especially because he is very high-energy. He always wants to play and be around people. But, when Chloe left him alone, Atlas behaved like an angel. He didn’t chew or destroy things. He just sat patiently, waiting for her to come back home.

Recently, Chloe returned home and found a package on her doorstep. That wasn’t out of the ordinary, but the fact that the UPS driver stopped by her house after delivering the package was. Chloe thought something was wrong, but that wasn’t the case. The driver just wanted to tell her that Atlas is the most loyal dog he had ever seen.

He told her that whenever he drives by, he just sits there, waiting. And, when he knocks on the door, he doesn’t bark, as most dogs would. Chloe was moved by the sweet interaction. It was just what she needed to brighten her day. And, she made sure to give Atlas extra cuddles that night.

Image Credit: Chloe Bonnell

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