Using Artificial Intelligence, This Collar May Help Our Dogs "Speak"

Using Artificial Intelligence, This Collar May Help Our Dogs "Speak"

If you were one of the people that saw Pixar’s hit movie “Up” then you will be a huge fan of what’s happening in the science world today. Dug, the dog in this movie that wore a collar, translating all his barking to speaking, would be a dream come true for most dog parents.

Now, recently information has just been released dealing with this exact type of collar. South Korean scientists are working on a necklace that uses artificial intelligence that can translate barking into words and emotions. In 2017, this project began out of a lab named Petpuls, where they built a database of around 10,000 barks from all different breeds of animals.

Around three years later, scientists developed a special algorithm that can actually analyze each bark and turn it into a single emotion. Upon further testing, the accuracy rate is 90%, which fully allows emotions to be discovered from a single bark. Now, there are multiple applications stemming from PetPuls’ pet necklace, that can tell dogs emotions quickly.

Dog parents will be able to record individual barks and from there, get a response from the application stating whether their friend is happy, relaxed, anxious, angry, or sad. In addition to being able to track these emotions, each dog’s fitness, activity, rest times, and heart rates can also be followed and monitored. Creators of this necklace say that their device “gives every dog a voice for humans to understand”, allowing a better line of communication between them!

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