Vet Hospital Urging People To Help Find Person Who Dumped A Cage Of Sick Puppies

Vet Hospital Urging People To Help Find Person Who Dumped A Cage Of Sick Puppies

When a passerby spotted a metal crate left on a roadside in London, they took a closer look and were shocked to find six small puppies trapped in the black crate, with barely enough space for them all.

The Good Samaritan quickly picked the crate up and hurried them to the PDSA Pet Hospital, which was very close by. Staff at the vet clinic immediately set to helping them. The puppies were only eight weeks old, leaving staff shocked at the idea that someone could abandon them. They were found to be very underweight, were completely filthy, and were also suffering worm and flea infestations.

It was a good thing the little pups were found then, as they were already in need of emergency medical care. They were administered fluids for rehydration and were given treatment for both the fleas and the worms. They were cleaned thoroughly and vaccinated, too.

Although this animal hospital is far from a shelter, staff decided to care for the puppies until the RSPCA could send someone over to grab them. Once moved, the RSPCA ran several health checks over the puppies, and soon they were named and plans have been made to move them to private boarding homes. They are now known as Budd, Chanel, Charlie, Ella, Montague, and Vicky!

The RSPCA is also investigating the incident to find out who dumped these innocent puppies so they can hold them responsible. The organization encourages those with information to contact them at 0300 123 8018.

For now, the pups are on their way to better lives!

Images & Feature Image Source: RSPCA

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