Vet Tech Rescues Tiny Puppy From Euthanasia - Look At Him Now!

Have you ever heard of a cleft palate? Some of you may have seen fundraisers or charity donations going to surgical procedures for babies born with a cleft palate.

Basically, a cleft pallet happens is what happens when the top part of a baby’s mouth does not form properly while the baby is developing in the womb. Just like in humans, a cleft palate can also happen when a puppy is forming in the mother’s womb!

Bronson is a chocolate Labrador pup who was born with a cleft palate. He is one in a litter of nine puppies that was born, but the only one born with this deformity. When his owners discovered Bronson had a cleft palate, they asked if he could please be euthanized, as many dogs born like this do not survive.

Bronson didn’t know he was born differently, and all he wanted was love and affection. A vet technician working at the local vet he was taken to saw that he was one of the most loving pups around, and just couldn’t let him go! She decided to save him from being euthanized and took him in as part of her family.

Raising Bronson was no easy task. He was tiny and needed to be specially fed through a tube every two or three hours. But the hard work paid off, and today Bronson is a playful happy pup, who defied all odds that were against him.

Bronson is a true reflection of the power of love and kindness. If we see an animal with a deformity, it certainly does not mean we should write them off. You would be surprised at what a helping hand can really achieve!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

Images Source: KaffeKalle/Imgur

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