Vets Request All Dog Parents To Be Vigilant Of Fatal Alabama Rot

Vets Request All Dog Parents To Be Vigilant Of Fatal Alabama Rot

Warnings have arisen for all pet parents in regards to health issues affecting their animals while out in woody or muddy areas. In the past, cases of Alabama Rot were reported within a twenty-mile radius of certain towns in England, but haven’t surfaced since then.

Alabama rot is a rare disease that can affect animals no matter their age, health, or breed. If an animal contracts this type of disease, there will be damage caused to the skin, kidneys, and even the blood vessels. The scariest part about this disease is that the cause is unknown, and even though some speculate that Alabama Rot is linked to E-coli, there has been no distinct evidence to prove this.

It’s important to remember that Alabama Rot is, in fact, extremely rare, but is beneficial to know all things about this disease before it’s too late. Research suggests that this illness is picked up on the paws or legs of animals, and carried there for a while before affecting your furry family members. In most cases, animals have picked up this disease while taking walks in forest areas, through muddy conditions, or in wet woodland zones. In the more humid and rainy months, Alabama rot has a bigger chance of showing itself, because this is the prime time for it to spread.

If your animal does contract a case of this then they will experience painful sores, skin lesions, and ulcers that appear on the legs, paws, mouth, and tongue. In order to better determine if these sores are in fact Alabama Rot, hair loss will also occur around the area. If not treated as soon as possible, this illness can result in death, only after a short week. So, dog parents, be aware and keep your friend safe at all times, and follow the proper precautions.

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