7 Amazing German Shepherd Dog Facts You Might Not Know

7 Amazing German Shepherd Dog Facts You Might Not Know

German Shepherd Dogs are really incredible. They consistently rank as one of the top breeds in the USA and it’s for good reason.

Not only are they incredible dogs, they also have a really interesting history.

For example, did you know that German Shepherd Dogs are one of the few breeds that have “dog” in their name so as not to be confused with German shepherd people who actually tended livestock?

Watch the video below to see the more amazing German shepherd facts!

7 Amazing German Shepherd Dog Facts by thepetcollective

German Shepherds are also the second most registered dog in the United States due to their popularity with family, guard, service, police, and military dogs. It seems everyone can benefit from having a GSD in their life!

They also became popular in Hollywood early on thanks to Rin-Tin-Tin and Strongheart. In fact, both dogs have their own stars on the Hollywood walk of fame.

A German Shepherd Dog was also selected as the very first seeing eye dog back in 1929.

Many people don’t realize that there are actually 11 different German Shepherd Dog colors recognized by the AKC.

As amazing as these dogs are, a GSD has only won “Best In Show” at the Westminster Dog Show once – in 1987. (EDIT: Rumor The German Shepherd Dog won best in show in 2017, so now German Shepherd Dogs have won “Best In Show” twice.)

If you have ever tried to play tug of war with a shepherd, you probably already know how strong they are. In fact, a German Shepherd Dog’s bite has 238 lbs of force while a human bite only has 86.

All in all, they are powerful, intelligent, amazing dogs. It’s easy to see why so many people love them! What is your favorite thing about the GSD breed? Comment below!

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