Video: Beagles Found Freezing And Seized By Ontario SPCA

Video: Beagles Found Freezing And Seized By Ontario SPCA

Thanks to a good Samaritan who tipped off the Ontario SPCA, 27 dogs and 10 rabbits are now in good hands.

The Ontario SPCA received a tip earlier this year from a member of the public who was concerned about the well-being of some dogs they noticed were not being cared for properly. They quickly took action. When the OSPCA arrived to the property they discovered not only were the animals freezing, but the only water source they had been provided with was also completely frozen over, making drinking impossible.

The OSPCA obtained a warrant and seized a total of 27 dogs – mostly beagles and Labrador retrievers – and 10 rabbits. Sadly, one dog and one cat had already passed.

Soon after being rescued and brought back to the shelter, one of the 27 dogs gave birth to a littler of 7 puppies and she wasn’t the only one – three other dogs from the property were also pregnant. Many of the dogs had medical concerns but luckily they are now in a place where those concerns can be addressed.

While this seizure occurred in the winter months, summer months can be just as threatening where rising temperatures can cause animals to have heat strokes if they are not cared for properly. Every animal is entitled to adequate shelter, food, water, and basic comforts.

If you notice any animal that you are concerned is not being cared for properly, please do not hesitate to reach out to the proper authorities. Depending on where you live, it may be the SPCA or another agency, but look it up now and put the number in your phone. You never know when you’ll need it and in some cases, every minute counts.

Watch the video below to see rescue story!

Feature Image Source: Global News Canada

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