Charlie The Beagle Cleans The House!

Charlie The Beagle Cleans The House!

You probably know Charlie the beagle best from his adorable videos with his baby sister, Laura Olivia. He has wowed us with his sweetness and his helpfulness. When Laura Olivia was a baby, Charlie would help his parents change her diaper and as she got mobile, Charlie stepped in to be her sidekick, but today, it’s just Charlie and his dad at home and they have a list of chores that need to get done.

Many dogs would just take this as an opportunity to snooze on the couch and take the day off, but not Charlie! No way, this is a beagle who likes to help so when dad says it’s time to wash the dishes, Charlie is there, tongue waiting eagerly! When it’s time to fold the laundry, he’s ready to round it all up, and when it’s vacuuming time, well just wait and see what he does to the rugs to help his dad! Charlie really is a big help and his human completes his tasks in half the time with his help!

We’ve already had Baron the shepherd doing the same, and now we have Charlie the beagle as well! There is just no limits of how dogs can improve our lives!

See the incredible video of helper Charlie on page 2 below!

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Watch the video below to see Charlie cleaning the house!

Feature Image Source: Charlie The beagle and Laura Olivia

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