Crazy Cowboy Attempts To Ride A Funny Beagle Dog!

Crazy Cowboy Attempts To Ride A Funny Beagle Dog!

If there was a competition for the best dog costume, this beagle would be the winner! It’s just so funny watching the beagle running around with a crazy cowboy on his back!

This is not the first time Louie the beagle has done something silly. But this is definitely among his funniest moments!

The video description says, “I never make my dogs wear a costume or cloths because they look way to good and they don’t really like it :-).

But they have a harness for walks and this just feels like one haha.”

It may feel like a harness in concept, but both these pups seem to think there’s a stuffed toy of some sort strapped on and they are determined to put that toy back in its place – not on a dog! These two go berserk going after the cowboy, determined to get him to dismount once and for all!

See the video of these two and the cowboy on page 2!

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Watch the video below to see Louie and his hilarious costume!

Feature Image Source: Louie The Beagle

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